• Brief Overview:


Cluster Development of villages that preserve and nurture the essence of rural community life with focus on equity and inclusiveness without compromising with the facilities perceived to be essentially urban in nature, thus creating a cluster of “Rurban villages”.


Create 300 rural growth clusters across the country. In the first phase, 100 clusters will be taken up; thereafter more clusters will be identified based on the progress of the scheme.

Mission Outcomes:

  1. Bridge the rural urban divide- economic, technological and those related to facilities and services.
  2. Spreading development in the region.
  3. Attracting investment in the rural areas.
  4. Stimulating local economic development with emphasis on reduction of poverty and unemployment in rural areas.

Rurban Cluster Selection:

A rurban cluster is selected from the geographically contiguous villages with the population of 25,000 to 50,000 in plain & 5000 to 15,000 in desert, hilly & tribal areas. The selected rurban villages must have high rural to urban conversion potential, be in close proximity with adjacent villages about 3 km to 5 km and have good connectivity and transportation.

Before the selection of rurban cluster sub-district is selected from the list provided by the MORD based on the below mentioned parameters-

Non -Tribal

  • Decadal growth in rural population
  • Decadal growth in non farm work participation ratio
  • Tourism & pilgrimage significance of the districts
  • Proximity to transport corridors


  • Decadal growth in non farm work participation ratio.
  • Decadal growth in rural population.
  • Presence of economic clusters in the district.
  • Decadal growth in tribal population.
  • Tribal literacy rate.

Using the secondary data in line with cluster selection parameters provided by the MORD as mentioned in the table below villages are selected to form a urban cluster.

Non- Tribal Clusters

  • Decadal growth in rural population (20%)
  • Rise in land values ( 20%)
  • Decadal growth in non farm work participation (15%)
  • Percentage enrollment of girls in secondary schools (15%)
  • Percentage households with bank account under
  • PMJDY ( 10%)
  • Good governance initiatives by Gram Panchayat ( 10%)

Tribal Cluster

  • Decadal growth in rural population (35%)
  • Growth in tribal literacy rate (35%)
  • Decadal growth in non farm work participation (30%)


  • Guidelines: PDF to be uploaded for each plan and program.

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